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How to Deliver Outstanding Digital Customer Experience?


Reading this Article, you will learn how to ‘create and execute’ an effortless post-purchase Customer Experience (CX) Strategy that can drive Sales and Business Growth… In Today’s Experience-era it’s the ‘customer experience’ that defines a brand or business, and the business-customer relationships have now become highly reliant on the quality of digital experiences the company offers

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6 Amazing Ways to Educate your Customer!

You might be delivering your customers an amazing product or service, on-time, with a smile, but if you are not educating your customers about how to make the best use of your product; then you are at risk of losing many potential customers. It’s not just enough to find your ideal customer and sell more.

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Can Constructive Customer Management Impact the Customer Retention Rate?

Would you forget a customer that bought your product once, 3 months back or even the one that gave you numerous referrals a year ago? Same way, I am sure you are unlikely to forget the one that gave you a bad review. Customers-current, satisfied or unsatisfied, all are equally essential for driving your brand

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Can Businesses Increase Customer Loyalty Without Increasing Its Cost?

Capturing a new customer might just turn out to be a tad more expensive for your business than selling to an existing one. At the same time, it is also possible to increase revenue from existing customer base by 2X, using smart loyalty marketing and remarketing techniques.  Hence, customer loyalty may very well, pay you

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Why 60% of the businesses have shifted towards self-service portals?

Self-service, as the name suggests, is the practice of serving oneself. It allows the end users to use technology to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. With the exploding number of mobile and web users around the world, consumers have more instant access to information

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