Author: Vimal Gopal

Digital Transformation & Automation for Car Wash &
Auto Detailing Business


8 Ways how IT is Changing the future of Car Wash Industry: 1. With Automated Service-reminders – that could save you time & energy from the stressful manual follow-ups. 2. With A Mobile Store – to generate additional sales by running periodic flash sales, sending personalized offers with promo codes, and announcing weekly deals. Note:

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How to Deliver Outstanding Digital Customer Experience?


Reading this Article, you will learn how to ‘create and execute’ an effortless post-purchase Customer Experience (CX) Strategy that can drive Sales and Business Growth… In Today’s Experience-era it’s the ‘customer experience’ that defines a brand or business, and the business-customer relationships have now become highly reliant on the quality of digital experiences the company offers

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6 Amazing Ways to Educate your Customer!

You might be delivering your customers an amazing product or service, on-time, with a smile, but if you are not educating your customers about how to make the best use of your product; then you are at risk of losing many potential customers. It’s not just enough to find your ideal customer and sell more.

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