Using WhatsApp Bots to drive E-Commerce

A recent report suggests that nearly half of all online retail customers today interact with intelligent bots for different tasks including shopping, service requests and product recommendations. In 2020, many e-commerce companies have had to operate with reduced staff as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While this was an unforeseen and unavoidable scenario, lesser staff often results in slower turnaround times and decreased service quality levels.

So what can e-commerce companies do in such an environment?

The answer is smart technology that has actually been around for a while. The time is just right for e-commerce companies to integrate technologies like bots into their ecosystem, and with the availability of powerful platforms and ease of implementation, the process can be much easier than expected. Let’s take a look at a bot solution that can improve customer experience without being heavily reliant on service and support staff:

Nhance Now Commerce Bot

Just like a customer service executive, the Commerce Bot attends to customer queries, grievances and requests. The key difference here is that one commerce bot can simultaneously attend to dozens of customers. AI-driven architecture and language processing capabilities ensure that the responses are as natural as possible.

The Commerce Bot also makes shopping and order management a breeze. It uses WhatsApp as a unified channel where customers can manage their purchases, order status and requests. Customers can interact with the bot just as they would with an executive and get all necessary information through self-service. This greatly reduces the load on call centers for order management. The Commerce Bot can be accessed by customers anytime, right from their WhatsApp window.

Commerce Bot

The commerce bot makes it easy to manage your customers by automating several pre and post-purchase functions. Additionally, it saves on servicing costs and help with customer retention through superior and instantaneous post-purchase support.

With the customer experience landscape changing rapidly, e-commerce companies must go one step beyond websites and apps. Conversational interfaces like WhatsApp provide a great window of opportunity to engage with the customer at a more personal level, without being overly intrusive. Automated conversational interactions powered by Artificial Intelligence will be one of the key drivers of the customer experience in the next few years. Setting up and programming the commerce bot is extremely simple, in fact so simple that almost anyone can do it even without any technical expertise.

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