Got your WhatsApp Business Account? Here’s what to do next

If you have got your WhatsApp Business account approved, congratulations! You are now ready to proceed with the deployment of your WhatsApp chatbot. This solution will help you automate customer engagement and enable sales, support and information sharing with your customers over WhatsApp. Not only will this save you time and resources, it will also help keep your customers satisfied through real-time, personalized conversations at any time of their choice. If you are yet to get your WhatsApp business account activated, please refer to this article.

Follow the below steps to get your WhatsApp bot activated:

  • Plan: Before you begin with bot deployment, it would be a good idea to revisit your business goals once more. You should have a clear understanding of why you want to get the bot, what functions you want the bot to perform and what results you expect from the bot. Having a workflow ready is a great practice that can speed up the bot deployment and keep the bot in sync with your goals. For essential tips on how to get your strategy in place, please visit this link or connect with our team.


  • Build: Using our backend tool, you can easily program your WhatsApp bot by adding questions, responses, links and documents. The backend tool also allows you to customize the bot any time in the future, as per your business requirements, view analytics of your WhatsApp bot and monitor customer behaviour on the bot. It is an incredibly easy tool to use and once you have mastered it, you will be able to program and deploy bots all by yourself.


  • Connect: You would want to make sure that the WhatsApp Bot is connected to your existing CRM system or any other business applications in order to have all your customer data in one place. Integrating with your system helps the bot function together with your existing applications and deliver better results. Using the WhatsApp API, the integration process can be completed quickly without much hassle. If you don’t have an existing business software, or if you want the WhatsApp bot to function as a standalone solution, you can choose to manage all its functions through the backend tool. (Note: Integrations are not included in the platform fees). 


  • Test: Once your bot is programmed and ready to go, it is advisable to use it yourself a couple of times. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and check whether the bot is giving you the desired results. Any bugs or errors should be fixed at this stage to avoid customer dissatisfaction. Testing a basic WhatsApp bot should take no longer that a few hours and is a crucial stage that can ensure positive customer perception.


  • Share: Once you have deployed the bot, it is time to inform your customers of its existence. The ultimate goal is to automate all customer interactions through the WhatsApp bot, while ensuring that the interactions remain as genuine and fruitful as possible. The bot can directly be sent to your customers’ through your WhatsApp Business number and would appear with a welcome message and a quick snapshot of all its functionalities. Customers can now choose to interact with the bot either through NLP (Natural Language Processing) ie. typing their own questions or through a pre-defined menu-driven option.

WhatsApp is no longer a just a messaging platform. It has grown into a powerful business automation tool that can work wonders in customer experience management. Nhance Now’s robust AI-powered platform combined with the reach of WhatsApp can deliver phenomenal results that can help you win new customers and keep your existing customers coming back for repeat business. What’s more? It’s a completely unified and automated approach to customer relationship management with almost no wait times, toll-free numbers or service portals.

Get your WhatsApp bot activated today, and run your business more efficiently than ever before. Request a free demo with Nhance Now and one of our CX experts will guide you through the process.