The success or failure of a hotel today has come down to how customers rate their experience at the property and how they have shared these in the online world. The Social Profiling and Rating of a hotel along with Reputation Managementare the new tools with which hotels are competing to get customer attention. And the foundations for these tools are laid by providing superlative Customer Experience.

But notwithstanding the trending buzzwords, every hotel is probably asking itself a few questions.

  • How does one provide superior customer experience or improve on the existing one?
  • What are the tools available to enable these experiences?
  • How do we measure a customer’s experience and how do we align it with a hotel’s index for growth?


Given below are four important metrics every hotel looks at while taking a decision to build, adopt or innovative on new practices or assets, specially something like a customer experience management software.



A customer’s loyalty is measured by sub-metrics like

Loyalty Over Time– How many times does the customer visit the hotel in a specified time period? Does the customer stay here every time he/she visits the city?

Guest Engagement Does the guest engage with the hotel brand on a regular basis? How? What are the available means and how is it measured?

Spending at the Hotel – Higher spending sometimes indicates the faith of the guest in the quality of goods and service.

Referrals– This is the highest form of loyalty wherein the guest turns into an advocate and wants his/her near and dear ones to also experience similar comforts and joy.

So is a tool available which would help hoteliers not only dish out amazing experiences to their guests, but is also able to constantly monitor these metrics and improve on the experiences.



Occupancy rateis the most basic metric to measure the health of a hotel. Keeping track of this is “the” most important activity for hoteliers and considering its importance, any tool to improve customer experience will have to prove that it is capable of increasing occupancy rate as well, either directly or indirectly.



Numerous metrics are used evaluate revenue, such as Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), Average Daily Rate (ADR), Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room (GOPPAR), Adjusted Revenue Per Available Room (ARPAR)and others such as Cost Per Occupied Room CPOR& Average Length Of Stay (LOS).

So will a tool or practice that enhances customer experience help in increasing revenue? If so, how?



The adoption of any platform to enhance customer experience would finally boil down to how it can be seamlessly aligned to existing processes and people. Would it require any major changes?

Can efficiency of processes and productivity of people be improved upon in measurable terms?


NHANCE NOWwith its most modern AI based Customer Experience Platform gives a very effective answer to the variety questions asked above.

The Platform’s innovative framework allows hotels to issue virtual “experience” cards to all its customers. These virtual cards have the facility to store important documents, give contextual information, allows transactions and gives a window to 24*7 interaction. NHANCE NOW has also blended micro-conversations into these virtual cards. So a guest just needs to converse with the Bot in the card and trigger various actions. And on top of it, the guest can access this card on any medium of his/her choice, be it a Messaging app like WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Voice Channels like Alexa or Siri or NHANCE NOW channels like its mobile app or PWA. Talk about enhancing experience; this is taking it to a whole new level.

The platform’s impact on loyalty, occupancy, revenue & people and processes is extremely positive and it is earning rave reviews from major hotel chains. Rapid deployment & affordable pricing makes it easy to simply plugin and get started in as little as a day.

So for every hotel, it’s NOW time to plugin ito the Experience Zone and enjoy high Social Ratings from every guest!


For remember,


“There is only one BOSS, your GUEST!”

                                                                         – Anonymous