The last decade saw startup unicorns use the power of aggregation to provide much needed service experience at our doorsteps. This was made possible entirely due the rapid rise of Internet & Cloud storage which made it affordable to provide and avail the service. And of course, the proliferation of mobile phones made it possible to get these services on-demand anywhere.

Suddenly one could get food, medicine, groceries, or for that matter anything at any place. The world truly became smaller. The cab driver became redundant.I just had to move from point A to point B without even talking to the driver. No more squabbling over routes to be taken or faulty meters. A similar experience with getting the best food delivered into the house. Emergencies or impulsive demands got taken care of like never before. And even in the middle of the night, we found something. We could find and experience almost everything at the tap of a button.

The next decade is going to about enhancing these experiences and taking it to a whole new level! The small glitches that happen due to the vicissitudes of human emotions would be dealt with by replacing a lot of human activities with bots. Connected devices and artificial intelligence would become ubiquitous.

Imagine this time in the not so distant future. You are checking into a hotel for a short duration.

Your booking was done earlier using a regular booking aggregation app and you have got a virtual card with all information about your stay and things to do during the stay. This virtual card would have an Answer Botwhich would give all relevant information and allow you to enhance your entire guest experience in amazing ways.

The Front Desk

You do not wait at the front desk. Use of the details inside the virtual card and facial recognition gives you an automated check-in without waiting in a queue. Even the locks in the room can be opened with the temporary passcode provided within the card.

The Connected Room

 The device inside your room such as lights, television, curtains, air conditioner, etc. would be connected to your card and you can regulate and manage them using the card. The card’s voice assisted Answer bot makes it even more convenient. Instruct it to switch on the AC and voila!

The Room Service

Order food & beverage inside your room, request for room clean-ups and maintenance or ask for laundry services. Just switch on the virtual card’s Bot or the room’s Voice device such as Alexa or Echo and place your order or request. It gets recorded and services are delivered. No more the pain of continuous follow ups and calls to room service number. Track every ticket from your virtual card.

The Hotel Concierge

Book a cab, book for spa services, asking for property information or any other requests – All these are handled though this virtual card with human-like conversations. 

Your Tourist Guide

Get extremely personalized and contextual information about places to visit, local attractions, off-beat places to visit, local cuisines, music, etc. from the Answer Bot at your disposal. How did things get so easy and convenient?


For every kind of emergency, one just needs to turn to help at hand by getting information on nearest local services or reaching out to the hotel stay at any time. A list of Do’s & Don’ts are always available.

On-demand deliveries

In a hurry, and you want some memorabilia from the stay. Quickly purchase it through the virtual card and get it delivered to your room. Feeling lazy from the day’s work and yet want a taste of the local food late at night. Get it delivered to your room with a simple voice command.

Overcoming Language Barriers

 The hospitality industry traditionally has guests of incredibly diverse backgrounds. Speaking different languages and bringing different cultures. While hotel employees may find it challenging to cater to such diversity, the virtual card with its seamless ability to offer services in various languages can help them overcome any language barriers and prevent miscommunication. Every hotel can turn multi-lingual within no time!

Does all of this seem a little too improbable and futuristic?? There’s news for you. We seem to have done some sort of time travel and traversed through a couple of decades faster. Guest experience management platforms are available today! Hotels today are rapidly adopting such innovations and for the first time, these systems are extremely affordable and easy to deploy.

We at NHANCE NOW are providing plugins to Hotel PMS and stand-alone systems to issue virtual cards which does all or most of the above activities. The virtual card can be accessed through a multitude of channels such as Messaging Apps (like Whatsapp & FB Messenger), Voice assisted (like Alexa or Siri) or through the unique NHANCE NOW Experience Management app.

Our hotel stay and guest experience is about to be enhanced by good couple of notches in the immediate future. And in an age of social media, where experience sharing by consumers is defining business success, the hotels which adopt such systems faster will gain traction and define the next trends of the industry.