Digital Transformation & Automation for Car Wash & Auto Detailing Business

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8 Ways how IT is Changing the future of Car Wash Industry:

1. With Automated Service-reminders - that could save you time & energy from the stressful manual follow-ups.

2. With A Mobile Store - to generate additional sales by running periodic flash sales, sending personalized offers with promo codes, and announcing weekly deals.

Note: NHANCE-NOW provides you with Free Starter Kit that includes 9 Free Graphics Templates to kick-start your campaigns right away!

3. With An AI-enabled Customer Service System that uses live chat, FAQs, video-calling & answer-bots to automatically engage with customers at times when they have concerns.

4. Collecting & Analyzing your Customer Feedback after every business-customer interaction is essential to increase your customer-satisfaction-rates and improve your service-delivery standards.

5. Enabling customers to pre-book car wash at their convenience. Pre-booking in just a few taps on their mobile phones, adds more convenience and value.

6. Creating a robust digital-strategy to promote positive Google & Local directory reviews.

Note: You could use NHANCE-NOW's Automated Feedback System to work as your review filter. This methodology is discussed during the Free Consultation Session.

7. Via Mobile-Marketing: To creatively cross-sell all other service offerings, and encourage 'car wash memberships.'

8. Taking advantage of various Automation possibilities to drive customer-engagement: like the 'smart push notifications' (the ones that could be pre-scheduled with graphics) get more traction and its a sure-fire way to grab your customer's attention.

Consider choosing NHANCE-NOW!



In short, here are some of the key features & functionalities of NHANCE NOW:

✔️ Car wash Pre-booking & Automated Service Reminders that could boost your customer return-rate by 3x

✔️ Mobile Marketing -> Run personalized offers with promo codes, Flash Sales, Deals & More

✔️ Cross-sell, re-sell, upsell other products & services

✔️ Free in-built AI-enabled Customer Support System

✔️ Automated Feedback Collection

      & much more...


If you’re using any other outreach medium, then you can achieve 10x better engagement & campaign results at a fraction of its price. The campaigns run on NHANCE NOW Platform have a very high open rate of ~ 60-80%, as it enables you to reach out to your customers directly via smart push notification services. We also support Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp integrations.


➡️ To know more request a FREE one-on-one 30-mins Consultation Session

During this session, you will learn how to take maximum advantage of all the automation possibilities within the carwash & auto-detailing industry.


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Free A/B Tested Campaign Templates that will bring you the desired results!

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To survive in the ever-changing market place, NHANCE NOW helps businesses evolve faster than ever!

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