How to Deliver Outstanding Digital Customer Experience?

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Reading this Article, you will learn how to 'create and execute' an effortless post-purchase Customer Experience (CX) Strategy that can drive Sales and Business Growth…

In Today’s Experience-era it's the 'customer experience' that defines a brand or business, and the business-customer relationships have now become highly reliant on the quality of digital experiences the company offers its customers.

Here are few quantitative extracts from Customer Experience Research Papers »

'Businesses lose $720 per bad Customer Experience.'Business Insider

'72% of businesses say that improving customer experience is their top priority.'Forrester

'70% of customers stay based on how they are being treated after the sale.'McKinsey

As you can see, today’s customers expect their digital experiences to be as personalized, seamless and instant as shopping on Amazon or booking an Uber ride.

If the primary focus of any business is attuned to deliver such customer-centric service standards, then the customers choose to do more business with them. In today's competitive market the business-growth is dependant on how the business treats its customers after-the-sale. You will soon find out how the existing customers tremendously influence business-growth!

Findings from one of the research studies by Strategic Insight Inc states that the aided businesses had a potential to quickly generate 60 - 70% revenue re-selling and cross-selling to their existing customers; whereas the probability of generating revenue from their newly acquired prospects was just around 5 - 20%. This is the main reason why most modern brands choose 'improving Customer Experience' as their primary focus area.

Big Brands in the marketplace have already realized the importance of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty. They've implemented several Customer Experience Strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals in both local and global markets. Did you know that 35% of Amazon's revenue is generated from 'Frequently Bought Together' and 'Customer who bought this item also bought' features? 



However, the sad but true fact is - most of the small and medium-sized businesses struggle to deliver optimal digital customer experience.



‘84% of firms aspire to be a CX leader. However, only 1 out of 5 companies deliver good or great CX’

– Forrester


This is mainly because the digital transformation to bridge this gap is complicated and expensive!

NHANCE NOW’s Customer Experience Delivery Channel empowers small and medium-sized businesses to deliver stunning post-purchase digital experiences to their customers at an easily affordable price range. It gives companies the power to turn every purchase into a lifelong relationship and generate more revenue from existing customers.

How does it work? – NHANCE NOW thinks beyond the Traditional and Transactional Customer Experience Model and introduces the World’s first personalized & interactive Digital Experience Card. In short, it’s called a ‘DX Card.’ It is an interactive card via which the business and its customers come together to build a lasting relationship.

NHANCE NOW’s delivery channel is feature-rich, smart, interactive and much more organized than the usually preferred SMS, Emails, or any other SAAS channels that you might be currently using to reach out to your customers.

With NHANCE NOW create Digital Experiences that can WOW your customers!

Introduction to NHANCE NOW's Digital Experience Card

Digital Experience Cards empowers businesses with a handful of easy-to-use tools to map their Customer journey and deliver a great customer experience that is loved, remembered and shared.

Upon every successful business transaction, a Digital Experience card is generated automatically and issued to your customers.

Let’s look at the various ways in which you could achieve Customer Success using these Digital Experience Cards »

DX Cards offer businesses 4 Key SolutionsINSTACARE, ENGAGE, TRANSACT and ADVOCATE


With INSTACARE module you could provide excellent post-purchase support to your customers, and instant on-demand resolution to any of their queries, issues, and concerns.

The DX Cards help your customers help themselves!

It empowers business to create a Self-service section for their customers which is accessible anytime through their Mobile Device. Most of the customers want their questions answered and their problems solved as quickly as possible. The Customer self-service module optimizes your Customer Experience by saving them time and providing them with all the information they need when they need it. You could additionally configure DIY videos, FAQs, A Help Center with manuals and Instruction guides to make your customers' journey smooth and easy.

It enables you to provide Live Chat option for your customers with smartphone’s video camera support. This Video Camera Support combined with Messaging & Voice Support via VoIP Services can accelerate the resolution-time and at the same time boost Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty.

It allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing Support Systems and CRMs like Freshdesk, Salesforce, Zoho, etc., with unique API keys.

If you are a start-up or a small business and do not have an organized Customer Support System in place, then you could create your own Ticketing/Support System within the NHANCE NOW Platform to manage and monitor all your customer inquiries, issues, and requests in a very organized way.

The ENGAGE module helps you to engage with your customers pro-actively. It simplifies the process of sending them automated greetings, offers, alerts, transactional & personalized messages. It also enables you to automate feedback collection at every business-customer interaction via rule-based smart notifications.

The TRANSACT module helps you to establish a new sales channel targeting your existing customers. You could showcase and promote all the other products, co-products and the services you sell using the 'BUY' & 'M-Store' options within the NHANCE NOW Consumer App. The inbuilt Campaign Manager empowers you with various Cross-sell and Upsell opportunities to cross-promote your other products/services and create a parallel revenue stream.

The ADVOCATE module lets you run multiple brand promotions. It helps you build gamification and referral programs for your customers. It is a sure way to keep your customers coming back to you over and over again.

NHANCE NOW's Dashboard | Analytics & Insights

NHANCE NOW’s Dashboard & Analytics gives you priceless insights into your customer activities and behaviour. It continuously monitors every customer activity 24/7 and provides you with insights into their usage metrics and new customer needs.  These insights are beneficial to make improvements for your customers and gain their trust.

The Analytics and Reporting System helps you understand the psychology of your customers

Which of your other products/product categories are they interested in?

What do they think about your business? How do they feel?

What are their actual needs and wants? What are their real expectations from you?


It also helps you track the reach of your marketing campaigns. With all this data, it becomes easy to filter and target your customers who are interested in your other products or services; and run your automated promotional campaigns to that specific audience set.

The NHANCE NOW’s AI-based Smart recommendation engine enables further personalization. It provides responsive recommendations to your customers in real-time, i.e., based on the contents your customers are viewing through the NHANCE NOW Mobile App, the AI engine can accurately predict and suggest content matching your customers’ needs.

The setup process is straightforward! You can seamlessly integrate these solutions with your existing applications, without having to change any of your current operational procedures.

Our Customer Success team can help you establish and streamline a customer journey map for your customers, and then help you customize various CX tools within NHANCE NOW Portal to achieve maximum success with your customers.


We can help you get started in hours, Request a Free 30 Minutes demo of the NHANCE NOW CX Delivery Channel.



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To survive in the ever-changing market place, NHANCE NOW helps businesses evolve faster than ever!

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