Innovative Customer Interaction Interface: the Formula for Higher Sales & Lower Returns

Consumers have never been smarter than they are today and each passing day is adding on to their ability. They have more information than ever before to help them make purchasing decisions. They are accustomed to, and expect, regular interaction with companies. Over the last few years, the ways consumers communicate, learn about products and make purchasing decisions have fundamentally changed. The arena of new channels for customer interaction in shops, in contact centers, over the Internet, and via mobile devices is ever-increasing.

Companies that have realized the fact that long-term survival is based on customer satisfaction, are already on the path of offering multiple channels to their most valued customers, striking a smart balance between automation and human interaction. They are heading towards unification of the entire post-purchase customer experience through platforms that engage with their target audience and offer a series of self-service options to scale down product returns.

This can be achieved by treating & reshaping the customer support channels as a prime driver to build life-long relations with the customers such that any issues regarding any product are resolved smoothly.

Various service channels existing and their specific trends


– Queue management

-Automated service stations (kiosks) –

– Podcasts (visualized interfaces)

  1. Contact Center

– Extended IVR functionality

– Video contact center

– Electronic quality assurance/ computer-aided customer feedback

  1. Online

            – Web and mobile interface

– Virtual agents

– Two-way customer communities

– Improved search, database features

  1. Cross-Channel Technology Trend

For sellers in possession of more than one service channel, the cross-channel technology trends prevailing-

  • Joint interaction of agent and customer
  • Sharing/integration of information across the channel
  • Leveraging synergies from cross-channel system integration

Focussing on the virtual era we are living in a web app and a mobile app interface is obligatory for any seller to stay in continuous touch with their past, current and to-be customers.

Such interfaces are necessary as brands and customers disconnect after the point of sale, which is the wrong thought process.  To be steady in the competition user digital customer interface to build powerful digitally connected customer community which ensures an always-on relationship between you and your customers.

Other benefits that can be expected from an innovative and flexible consumer interface –

  • A smoother onboarding process for customers- An inadequate onboarding process is the key reason for product returns. Track your customers from the first encounter with the product.
  • Touch activation and registration – To assist the customers in engaging with the product instantly and discover complimentary benefits.
  • Interaction and transact through single touch point.
  • Understanding what customers say using natural language and to detect emotional “vibes” that allow the routing system to deliver the customer support
  • Help touch points to provide product-wise training, example using a PC or cell phone, for specific customer segments.
  • Turning the ordinary business of technology troubleshooting into a customer adventure by features like digital kits.
  • Classic AI-powered features like live chats, moderated communities and forums, employee and user blogs, and product demonstration videos
  • Creation of seamless digital eco-system
  • Personalized experience helps in providing the customers what they actually want by keeping track of their history and preferences.
  • Instant service bookings and immediate replies to queries
  • Maintaining a focus on product return reversal by continuous improvement and a long-term approach to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality
  • Maximizing the impact of every customer interaction making every customer touch point a sales and service outlet
  • High-quality customer support at a low cost
  • Generating customer-specific insights necessary for value creation and product return prevention


Ultimately, whether it’s via a mobile interface or web app or in-store the goal is simply offering customers a little more guidance, lots of conveniences and seamless customer journey to can help the sellers drive both high sales and low product returns. After all, if brands are to keep up with the demands of consumers, they must keep one step ahead at all times.

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