How to Build a Proactive Customer Service for Your Business from Scratch!

The new and very efficient trend in the customer support field is a ‘proactive customer support’ in which businesses make the first move to help customers. These businesses go out of their way to first find potential problems and then resolve them before customers need to ask for help.

By providing such zealous services, a seller shares not just products but imparts values of their business with the customer which in turn makes them loyal towards the brand and retain them for a lifetime.

To retain a customer, it is important to think like the customer and accordingly chose to be:

-A seller whose motive is just to make a sale

-A seller who is there to help when you ask for it

-Or a seller who is always present to provide solutions to problems that a customer is facing or may face in future and assures your satisfaction at each stage

Undoubtedly, most of the sellers want to fall in the third category i.e. become a proactive seller. Certain factors in the post-purchase service are to be included transform them from reactive to pro-active like-

  • Ask customers for an honest feedback– Ask for a feedback to identify the areas of weakness and work on them before the customer grows anxious. Also, to avoid a similar problem in future with other customers.
  • Notify Glitches– Highlight the issue before the customers find out as a customer appreciates such self-realization behavior and develops a special trust towards your brand. It can convert a potential cause for complaint into a memorable experience. Like if your mobile app is facing a payment glitch, go ahead and notify your customers. Also, inform them of the period till which it is likely to continue.
  • Track Social Media – Pay attention to your image on social media platforms and monitor the conversations among the public that is regarding you and your product. Reach out to customers who mention your company either in good or bad context to preemptively address them and increase customer satisfaction
  • Surprise with random gifts, benefits, and discounts– Proactively reaching out to customers with offers in between purchases provides an additional opportunity for positive interaction with customers to strengthen their relationship with the company. Retail brands, for example, can message customers on holidays, birthdays, and major life events to offer discounts and show that they’re part of customers’ lives and truly care.
  • FAQ’s for self-service– Creation of content relating to FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) that gives answers to all general queries of a customer in a simplified manner. This feature is essential as many customers prefer to find answers to their problems themselves rather than having to call or email a company. Such questions can be identified by talking to customer representatives, reviewing their calls and logs and identifying the most frequent searches performed on the website.
  • Include a LIVE chat option– it reduces barriers for the customers, adds a human touch and customers get a sense of security that someone is always there to notice their issues. They provide information as and when required without going through the trouble of calling or e-mailing the company.
  • Contact your customers to know if everything is ok– Contact the customer randomly and show how proactive you are! Like sending a simple e-mail asking whether everything is Ok with the product. Though remember not to contact too frequently as that might irritate the customer.
  • Different channels to communicate –Every customer has different comfort level so offer your customers as many ways to communicate as possible. It can be call center, SMS, online chat, e-mail, postal address social media etc.

Investing more time and effort in pro-active customer support is a valuable strategy and will differentiate you from your competitors. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but with time it would provide an array of benefits like-

  • B2B companies serve other companies. Their client’s success is their success. A Pro-active approach to customer support will develop long-term benefits.
  • Self-help empowerment merged with right strategies helps in cost-cutting, building higher revenue and a strong customer base. A report from OpenSpan highlighted that companies practicing proactive approach to customer support can reduce their costs up to 25%.
  • Exceptional service will develop brand loyalty. Your customer will stick with you even in hard times and act like your advocates. According to an article in Forbes, proactive customer support can increase customer loyalty from 3% to 5%.
  • Perpetual improvement with each experience will enhance the brand quality.
  • By identifying issues beforehand, support calls can be reduced, trimming the pressure on the agents which ultimately directs focus on high-value
  • Retaining the old customers and creating new ones.
  • Protection against negative escalation through social media or any other source by identification at an earlier stage.

The conclusion of it all is that a genuine care in advance towards your customers impacts your customers so positively that an everlasting link is created. The benefits mentioned above are just a glimpse of how your business, no matter what size, can rule the hearts of the customers and provide you a steady growth.

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