Customer Retention Is Directly Proportional to Sales Growth, and So Is Customer Relationship Management!

How often have you disregarded an existing customer in lieu of a new one? While we are focused on customer acquisition, we often disregard customer retention, which is an immensely powerful tool in boosting the sales growth of any business.

Any business that is aiming to build its brand and create trust with its customers, knows the importance of retaining customers, as they can become the best brand ambassador for the business, abetting in its success and growth. Loyal customers not only help to generate more revenue for a business but also helps to bring in more customers, wooing them with stories of their upbeat customer experience with a brand, aiding sales growth.

Here, you have seen how customer retention can actually result in catering to customer satisfaction, thus being directly proportional to sales growth. Now, we will take a look to see how customer retention is possible by delivering on-going customer value post-purchase, which helps to build the brand.

How to increase customer retention by building post-purchase customer relationship?

  • Deliver quality customer experience: Combination of empowered customer support team armed with relevant real-time customer information aims at creating an upbeat customer experience by anticipating the customer queries, issues etc., and resolving them before the customers have even approached you with them. Quick and speedy resolution is the key to increase customer engagement, thus leading to retaining loyal customers.
  • Capture real time voice of the customer: Analyzing the customer feedback completely, be it positive or negative, helps businesses to keep track of customer preferences, likes or dislikes etc., thus providing an in-depth report of the customer habits. This enables businesses to better cater to customer requirements with customized and speedy solutions, thus ensuring to improve customer experience.
  • Customer retention via Customer loyalty programs: Create robust loyalty programs that reward returning customers who in turn provide ongoing business for a brand. Adding to a positive customer experience with a brand, if there is rewards meted out for loyal customers, it will definitely go a long way in ensuring increased customer retention and loyalty. It is also the most cost effective method to build better customer relationship and also to retain loyal customers.
  • Build trust with customers by strengthening customer relationship management: Go on to build a long lasting relationship with the customers, by anticipating their needs and delivering upbeat customer experience, by catering to customized requirements, meeting them ahead of time or providing speedy resolutions for the queries or issues, at hand. Have in place automation tools, that can leverage your solutions aiming to increase customer retention rates. Connect with your customers on various channels, gauging their response to a brand or business, thus ensuring that you can provide prompt and suitable resolution for their specific business purposes. All, these go on to not only strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customer, but also paves way for increased customer loyalty and customer retention, leading to boost in sales growth.

What is customer experience management solution?

Customer experience management solutions combine the crucial aspect for any business, it’s customer relationship management with the latest development in technology, catering to customer interactions post purchase, by meeting or exceeding expectations of digitally savvy customers. This, in turn, goes on to boost not just customer satisfaction and loyalty, but will also increase customer retention.

Why is Customer Experience Management Solutions required?

  • The best Customer Experience Management Solutions helps to enhance not just individual customer experience, but will also help to increase collective customer experience.
  • It helps to deliver clear actions, thus setting the stage for organizational change, aiming for improved customer experience and relationship.
  • This helps you to prioritize and strengthen brand reputation offering customized and differentiated experiences strengthening the customer relationship.
  • Helps to boost the revenue with increased sales from the existing customers and new sales driven by word by mouth.
  • Aims to develop customer loyalty via upbeat customer experience and interactions.
  • Helps to cut back on the costs by capturing customers before they churn, providing an upbeat customer experience throughout, inclusive of post purchase.

Summing up

Do you wish to drive your sales growth? Since, customer retention and revenue are important aspects that drive increased profit for a business, you can see that customer relationship management post purchase can also influence sales growth.  A loyal and satisfied customer would be happy to recommend  a brand and drive its sales. With this aim, businesses boost a product or service experience, by employing effective experience management solutions for best results.


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