Digital Transformation & Automation for Car Wash &
Auto Detailing Business


8 Ways how IT is Changing the future of Car Wash Industry: 1. With Automated Service-reminders – that could save you time & energy from the stressful manual follow-ups. 2. With A Mobile Store – to generate additional sales by running periodic flash sales, sending personalized offers with promo codes, and announcing weekly deals. Note:

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How to Deliver Outstanding Digital Customer Experience?


Reading this Article, you will learn how to ‘create and execute’ an effortless post-purchase Customer Experience (CX) Strategy that can drive Sales and Business Growth… In Today’s Experience-era it’s the ‘customer experience’ that defines a brand or business, and the business-customer relationships have now become highly reliant on the quality of digital experiences the company offers

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6 Amazing Ways to Educate your Customer!

You might be delivering your customers an amazing product or service, on-time, with a smile, but if you are not educating your customers about how to make the best use of your product; then you are at risk of losing many potential customers. It’s not just enough to find your ideal customer and sell more.

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Return Abuse: The Friendly Fraud that is Causing Merchandise Companies to Lose Millions

Ever faced the disappointment of satisfactory sales turning into adverse returns despite your decent efforts? Received a fake product as a return in place of your original product? Have customers purchased an item from you with the full intention of returning it after some time? Answering “YES” to the above questions suggest that you have

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In this age of online sales, there are several companies who are performing exceedingly well in offline sales and facing minimal product return issues. Ever wondered what made such companies successful? What could be the reason that customers are ready to visit their showrooms and shops instead of conveniently purchasing similar products from the ever-increasing

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